Audio Visual



With technology moving ever so fast, gone are the days of having multiple remote controls in your home.

We are now seeing a huge shift in technology meaning that the standard living room is using far more devices than ever before. Here at Switched on Systems we can offer an affordable option to control all of your audio visual equipment with the simple push of a button on your smart phone or tablet.┬áSimply push “watch” to automatically have all of your equipment turn on, ready for you to enjoy.

The control systems we install are very user friendly, even your guests can operate them without the need for a crash course.

Music Lover? We offer multiroom audio systems allowing you to enjoy your favourite music in every room of the home or office all controlled from a smart device. Either play different songs in different rooms or group all of the zones together to hear the same song being played throughout. Connected with a music service like spotify, you will be able to search any album or song that you can think of.

A video distribution system is a great addition to any home. With everything cabled to a central location it makes this very achievable. A video distribution system allows you to place all of the devices you would like to watch in one location and distribute them out to all of the screens in your home. Simply choose the zone you want to watch in and then choose the device you want to watch. Foxtel, Apple TV, CCTV, or an NAS drive with all of your favourite movies stored can be sent out to either a single TV or every TV in the home.

We also design and install custom home theatre systems, allowing you to watch movies with a full cinematic experience in your own home.