A new home or existing we are here to design a custom home automation system to suit your specific lifestyle needs. We can work alongside you, your architect, builder or electrician to ensure a smooth transition to the hand over of your smart home.

Whether it’s security, lighting control, audio visual or a full home automation system, we can customise a solution that best suits you.

We often hear people saying that a home automation system is not for them as it may be too difficult for them to operate, or technology in general scares them. We have to disagree. If designed correctly from the beginning your home will be smart enough to anticipate your needs and do the thinking for you. You don’t have to be tech savvy to use the systems that we provide, it’s actually quite the opposite. Our main philosophy with anything we do is to keep the process simple and never over complicate things. The whole idea of a home automation system is to make life easier.

By connecting all of the electronics in your home to one network it allows us to integrate them together to communicate allowing a central control from a smart device.surface_mount_concrete

Lighting, blinds, security, cameras, music, AV equipment and even HVAC can all be controlled from one location.

Contact us as soon as you receive your house plans for a free design consultation and let us bring these brilliant ideas to life for you.

After all your home is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make so let us work with you to achieve a fully automated home that you will not want to leave.


Residential services include:

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