We all know the importance of creating the right first impression in your professional industry. With the simple addition of the right lighting or background music, we can help make this happen.

Offer your workplace that point of difference with a fully automated board room for presentations to your clients. If the client is unable to attend then why not set up a video conference call, allowing them to be involved in that all important meeting.

We also offer fully integrated alarm systems which include access control for employees and visitors. Your employees can each have their own access pin, card or fingerprint reader, which will only allow them access to the areas of your choice.

launchport-3With the addition of a CCTV system to your workplace you are able to keep a close eye on your business at all times. This ensures a safe working environment and gives you constant peace of mind.

Expecting a delivery? Why not have an intercom that calls your phone when the delivery arrives, allowing you to answer and open the door to the warehouse so that you don’t ever miss another important delivery again.


Commercial services include: