Home Automation



C4_Images_Control4_Primary_UI_1The words home automation get used a lot nowadays, but what exactly is it?

Home automation put simply ties all of the electronic components in your home to a central location to communicate together. This allows you to lose all of the remote controls for all of the different devices and have complete control of your entire home with a device such as an iPad with a simple user friendly interface.

We all know how busy life can be, arrive home and feel the stress float away as you are greeted by your smart home. With pre-programmed scenes your home is always one step ahead, ready for your arrival.

The key to any home automation system is in the planning. It is essential to sit down and discuss what options you would like so that we can not only design the right system for you, but also get the correct structured cabling in place at the pre wire stage to ensure a seamless transition to your smart home.shutterstock_77511922

We design your system to be simple, easy to operate and your home can be programmed to anticipate all of your needs.

There are many benefits to the addition of a home automation system. Your house can be smart enough to respond and change with the current environment.
It could be blinds opening or closing at certain times of the day to save on energy, rain sensors on your shades to close when it starts to rain, or upon exiting your home with the simple push of a button the alarm is armed, and all lights in the building are turned off within minutes of you leaving. You are only limited by your imagination.

Remote access into your home will also be a great addition for when you are away.  You can have complete peace of mind by monitoring your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world by adding a CCTV system that you can view from your smart device. By having remote access at your property it provides you with the ability to access other areas of your home while abroad such as opening and closing doors, arming or disarming your security, warming your spa or even watering your gardens. With everything being cabled to a central location in your home it gives you the flexibility to change and upgrade with the technology.