Lighting Control

Lighting control


We believe that lighting is the single most important part of your home or office in building the perfect ambience.

Lighting control creates the main backbone of your home automation system. With a well designed lighting control system you have the ability to create the perfect feeling in your environment with the added bonus of convenience and energy efficiency.
We can regulate the levels of light as you need at different times of the day/night.

The options of an intelligent lighting control system are endless. Lighting scenes can be programmed to suit your lifestyle.


A ‘holiday mode’ scene works by turning random lights on and off at certain times of the day/night while you are enjoying your time abroad.

The activation of ‘goodnight mode’ will turn off all lighting in your home, and keep lights to the bedroom illuminated for you.

Lighting control can be integrated with your security system to provide an ‘all lights on’ scene for when your alarm is triggered.

The beauty of a lighting control system is that it is fully customisable to your specific needs.