Automated security systems can be so much more than just keeping you and your family safe.

Whether it’s a basic system with just movement sensors inside or a full perimeter alarm system, we cater to all. By placing reed sensors on all the doors and windows it allows you not only to be able to see if you have left any open from the keypad before leaving, but you are also able to arm “stay” mode when you are at home in the house. Stay mode will arm all of the doors and windows at the property, allowing you to roam freely inside. If a door or window is breached it will automatically set the alarm off before the intruder steps inside. We also offer “beam” systems, where a set of beams can be placed across a driveway or garage and detects if someone has entered the property.


Imagine arriving home and with a simple push of a remote you are able to disarm your security system, open the garage door and turn certain lights on automatically, ready for your entry. The security systems we offer can be controlled remotely via your smart phone to open doors, turn lighting on/off, or even control your irrigation system.

Keyless entry can also be a fantastic addition to your home. Frustrated with always losing keys? With an access control keypad or even a fingerprint reader, you will be able to give your cleaner or home maintenance crew access with their own code.

You can have complete peace of mind when you are away from home by checking in via a live view and play back of CCTV surveillance via your smart phone.